3000 Miles To Go

In the US, most people don’t consider trains to be a very practical way of traveling between cities. Flying is faster. Driving is more convenient. When I started to travel abroad, I was impressed by how practical trains are in other countries. In Ukraine, I learned about night trains. The concept is brilliant: you get […]

Let’s solve the world’s biggest problems together

I’d like to propose a project: on your own or with a group, identify the world’s biggest problems and propose a system of values and rules to better address them. Humanity and the world Humans are smart and creative. We’re ingenious when faced with problems: we create physical instruments, techniques of observation, systems of commerce […]

Overgrown graves

Tell Me A Story

Let me tell you a story… A long time ago in a town far away, there lived a family.  They were hard workers. The father was a tailor. The mother made beeswax candles to sell to the neighbors. They lived in a comfortable but humble house down the hill from the town square, near the […]

Rare Bird

Rare Bird

During my first winter in Kyiv, the gray skies hung heavy over the city. I was facing the challenges of adjusting to life in a new country, of finding new meaning and purpose. In the mornings, I wrote songs on the old upright piano in the apartment. In the afternoons, I trudged through the snow […]


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Noah Blumenfeld writes songs of hope. He’s a genre-bending trumpeter, singer and songwriter from Colorado, USA. 

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