Crystal Love

Crystal Love is the sound of a heart breaking open. It’s the sharp pain of broken trust, shattered like a crystal bird dropped from the heights of love’s greatest joy. The love that’s left becomes the greatest sorrow. Letting go becomes the highest expression of love. 

Melodies rise and fall like the heaving of a crying chest. A drum machine throbs with the rhythm of a broken heart. The lyrics rise and fall in fits of beauty and memory. Grand piano and Rhodes intertwine, tracing the relationship’s paths: one leading, then the other, then both meeting in intimate conversation. Then the grand piano finishes alone, tender, supported by a bed of sobbing strings.

Love, it’s time we boldly part: unloose
your heart. Go forward, free, and seek new light.

It’s my last night alone in our apartment
I’m thinking about you and wondering how you’re doing and where you are
I packed all your clothes and the papers that you’d left
You said I shouldn’t bother to take them with me

We had a long call and you told me all your plans were changing
and we agreed that it was best to change with them
Like an earthquake had cracked your mortar and the fragments fit together better
and you were stronger than you’d ever been before

I held our love like a crystal bird with a broken wing
You were my priestess; I wanted to be your king
I held you in darkness; it was hard to let each other go
but our roots were bound and we needed to grow

Love is a mirrored pool and the lover is the stone bottom
How deeply can I see into you, how close can I get?
These waters have nourished us and they’ll cause us bitter pain
but we’d have missed the meaning if we’d never gotten wet

The cold wind sifts the leaves and my tender heart awakens
I recognize the lonesome listing feeling
I think there were advantages to being all alone
but I can’t remember any of them

In the dark of winter I’ll remember your smile
I’ll call you up and ask you how you’re changing
I’ll listen for your strengthening, your healing, your love
Your pain, your fear, your anger and your longing