Equality 1

Are we born equal? We’re each sequels of history, each made of the same materials, living soil, air, water, spark. We each come from darkness, from the heartbeat of the womb, from secrets and sacredness. We’re each born the same way and each experience the world through our senses. We each have the potential to give something unique the world. 

We each have a sticky ego that likes to hold onto credit for the thoughts and random occurrences that happen to flow through our minds. We each want to grab onto the resources that flow through our fingers. We’re each attached to the bodies that carry us through this life and the materials that sustain these bodies. 

We’re equal in our randomness. Each one of us is a random occurrance, and everything that happens to us is chance. We’re each parts of a messy universe, each ultimately small and ultimately significant at the same time. Wouldn’t we be able to live better together if we recognized these as true challenges to be addressed?

None of us are special and yet we all are. We all have something unique to give the world, a specific color, a specific arrangement of DNA molecules and facial features and thoughts and musical speech. We each have our own ways of dancing. Many of our dances are good. Some are harmful. What do we do with the harm that emerges in our divine randomness? How do we resolve it in a way that doesn’t inflict pain?

How do we compete in a way that takes this randomness into account and holds us in balance? We can’t reward small randomness with enormous differences, and yet we can’t say it doesn’t matter, because it does. Most work hard and try and strive. Some do it more effectively than others. Is the difference random? And what can we do with the differences? 

We can recognize that we’re all dancing together, and that our dance is the same as that of the planets and asteroids, of gravity and time, of matter in space coalescing into stars and stars dying and expelling their breath across galaxies to form life. We aren’t necessarily the natural culmination of this process. There is no culmination, is no attachment to past, present or future. There’s only this moment. 

And yet we can’t accept the present as the best possible outcome. We can do better and we must try. We must each dance and enable and encourage each others’ dances. We must see and seek the special and beautiful in every dance. Everyone needs to be seen. When we’re seen we grow. Connection is nurturance. We need our circles of sight and communication to open up and involve all. We need to penetrate the silent places and turn all into beauty and light. For all is beautiful if we seek beauty.

Yes, there are things we each detest. Yes, there are ways we disagree. Yes, there are dissonances that create rifts, and rifts naturally cleave along the fault lines of differences. It’s all too easy for each of us to hold ourselves up as the ultimate, the right, the best. We each need to dedicate ourselves to developing to our fullest potential and to seeing others. That’s the only way we can hope reach a more harmonious and equal state on this tiny, fast-moving planet.