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“It’s beautiful when you let your light shine”

Poetic lyrics. Bright instrumentals. Positive message.

Shine album cover
Photo by Den Schlicker, design by Serge Lukianov

Noah Blumenfeld’s debut EP Shine is organic and spontaneous, inspired by the wild mountains and deserts of his native Colorado, USA. Blumenfeld wrote and recorded the album while living in Kyiv, Ukraine. It was a period of intense personal growth, when he was developing new perspective on the world and his place in it. 

The music is wide-ranging and international. While the lyrics and vocal harmonies hint at Paul Simon’s eclectic approach to American song, the production is modern: bright and rhythmic, with washed out layers reminiscent of Bon Iver’s post-indie sound. Natural sounds balance synthesizers and electronic loops. Trumpet and blown animal horns and starry piano soar above grounded bass and drums.

Blumenfeld’s belief in our shared responsibility to create a better world comes through in the title track, Shine, about finding the light within ourselves, and Freedom, about choosing to share that light with others. Throughout the EP, he wrestles with life’s uncertainties: the pain of a breakup (Crystal Love), the unrelenting march of human progress (Rhythm’s Children), and the challenge each of us faces in choosing our path (Onward Into Night). 

Through it all, he remains optimistic, concluding that our beliefs determine who we become. He encourages us to choose hope as a central belief and to share our best selves as we improve individually and as a global community. Shine asks us to believe in ourselves and reach wholeheartedly for our full potential.

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Listen to Freedom

“We can build a better world. We have power to shape the future.”

Noah sings front-porch philosophy, backed by guitar and double bass. A chorus bursts forth with joyful voices singing of a bright new sunrise seen from a mountain peak. Freedom tells a story of liberation from a narrow place, exploring how we can each choose freedom.

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Listen to Crystal Love

“The sound of a heart breaking open”

Crystal Love is an intimate message to a departed lover. Melodies rise and fall like the heaving of a crying chest. Drum loops pulse to the rhythm of a broken heart. It’s the sound of a heart breaking open, dropped from the height of love’s greatest joy.

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